Casino Graal Gambling Slots and Perfections for You Now in the Right Format

Slots and Perfections for You Now in the Right Format

Slots and Perfections for You Now in the Right Format

Gclub is an online casino for money, which provides an opportunity for residents of Ukraine and Russia to play licensed slot machines. They can enter the club without leaving home, being in a familiar and comfortable environment, which guarantees complete safety of the game. In Gclub collected the best slot machines in Ukraine, which can be played for real money. Among them, one of the most popular machines is the Gclub slot.

Since the theme of the slot is the life of gnomes, the game action takes place in a dungeon, where these little men get their treasures. All game symbols are connected with this:

  • the hammer;
  • lamp;
  • anvil;
  • helmet with flashlight;
  • pick;
  • umbrella;
  • gnome face;
  • game logo.

The image of the gnome is a wild symbol that replaces any other, except for the scatter – the image of the cart.

Slot rules

In gclub money casino, many slots have a demo mode. The Gclub slot machine also has such a mode. It allows you to familiarize yourself with the rules before moving on to the real game.

And the rules of the Gclub slot are as follows:

  • Bets can be made on any odd number of lines within 9
  • Up to 90 credits can be placed on a line
  • Winning combinations are counted both to the left and to the right

There is an Autoplay mode, when the reel spins on its own, the player’s participation is required only during bonus games.

Like many other slots, the Gclub slot is included in the mobile casino, which can be downloaded and installed under the Android system.

Bonus games

Three or more cart symbols, regardless of location, trigger the bonus game. The gnome needs to smash the carts standing at the top with a hammer. If jewels fall out of the cart, you can proceed to the next round. But if stones fall, the gnome is in danger. He can protect himself from the first rockfall with an umbrella, but the second will lead to the end of the bonus game.

If the player manages to pass the first round, then he receives a multiplier and the second round starts. In it, the gamer must find treasures in one of 2 chests. If successful, his winnings will multiply.Also, after each winning combo, the player can double his winnings if he opens a card that is higher in value than the one already open. The risk game can be repeated up to 4 times.