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Introduction to Concept Gaming

Concept Gaming was brought into existence over a decade ago, and since then it has grown to be a top gaming provider with a focus on mobile gaming in particular – though it clearly caters to lots of sub-areas of demand. It is based in the UK but has an increasingly global reach, and its slot portfolio is large and interesting. Its slot collection, with games such as Fruit Loot and Hollywood Reels, is ideal for customers who are looking to combine game choice with a heavy dose of fun.

History of Concept Gaming

Concept Gaming has been in business since 2010, which means that it has more than a decade of experience in the online gambling sector. Prior to its activity in the online sector, the people who now constitute its technology team have also worked on the delivery of games in the land-based sector– meaning that it has a strong understanding of what people in the gaming world want. It has been doing this since the early 1990s, so it has got a strong background.

With so many providers in the casino gambling world being relative newbie’s compared to this, it’s easy to understand why many gamers want to go for an organization like this one that is committed to using the knowledge it has accumulated over the years to provide great games.

In terms of its achievements, meanwhile, Concept Gaming has managed to build a huge portfolio of renowned slot games. Overall, it has more than 90 HTML5-based games. The company’s trajectory has been marked by something of a distinct focus on the world of mobile gaming, which suggests that it’s the sort of company that keeps an eye on trends in the sector – and follows them up.

Concept Gaming Top Games

Concept Gaming is clearly the sort of organization that knows how to please its players. This commitment to player choice is reflected in its slot catalog, which is not only extensive but also diverse and gripping.

One of its games, for example, is Fruit Loot. This game offers 20 different beltways and has a Return to Player rate of 96%. Its variance level is medium, which is ideal for those players who want to strike a balance between risk and reward. However, it’s in the design and layout that this slot from Concept Gaming really comes into its own. Personified characters and other fun symbols give it a real edge.

Those who like the world of film, meanwhile, will no doubt want to play Hollywood Reels – a game that comes with a higher Return to Player level. The fact that the company offers games with different Return Player levels indicates that it is the sort of organization that has factored in different customer demand points and ensured that there is something for everyone no matter what they need.

Concept Gaming Notable Awards

Concept Gaming still hasn’t started its awards journey in earnest yet and appears to be waiting for an opportunity to pick up some key industry prizes.

It’s also worth noting where the company has been awarded regulatory permission to work. In the main, it is based in the UK – but it also operates in other parts of the world. This includes the Isle of Man as well as European destinations such as Malta and Italy. It is also approved to work in Gibraltar.

Concept Gaming Summary

In short, Concept Gaming looks to be a player-responsive brand that delivers plenty of choice to its customers, including varied Return to Player rates. With a portfolio of games that responds – at least in part – to trends and changes in the sector, this is obviously an organization with a commitment to choice.

Where Concept Gaming will go next is anyone’s guess. One option for the company might be for it to grow its global reach further and expand into different countries, while another could be for it to try to get onto the awards circuit and receive some prizes from industry judges. Whatever it does, it appears to have a strong bedrock for growth.